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La Miraja 2018 Ruche Di Castagnole Monferatto


Piedmont Italy
Enjoyabilityfactor 91 Rating
The Ruche grape, which is also sometimes named Rouchet or Roche, is something of an enigma even in Piedmont. There are conflicting tales of how it arrived in the region's vineyards: some say it is an indigenous vine, some believe it was brought there from France. Whatever the truth, Ruche vines have been grown and used to produce wine in Piedmont for hundreds of years, although the wines have only just begun to make their way outside the Monferrato area. At the dawn of the new millennium there were just 125 acres of Ruche planted, making this one of the most exclusive wines made under any Italian wine title, DOC or DOCG. La Miraja produces a scant 840 cases of this wine every year. On the nose this very expressive red bursts with white pepper and floral overtones. One the palate you will find crushed wild berries, strawberries, blackberries and hints of fennel. Medium to light-bodied, this nimble red is perfect for vegetarian dishes, honey-roasted carrots, grilled zucchini or Eggplant alla Norma.
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