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mazzi amarone

Mazzi 2012 Amarone


Veneto Italy

Although they are not certified organic, Mazzi practices organic agriculture. Copper and sulfur-based products are used to manage fungi. Integrated insect and disease control is followed, and while the need for insecticides is rare (and monitored through pheromone traps), only biological, bacterial-based products (that attack specific pests) are used. Only organic fertilizers are used. In certain areas natural cover crops (grass cover) are left between the rows of vines depending on the type of soil. In the other areas the soil is tilled. Low doses of SO2 are used to preserve the wines. The color is deep ruby red with aromas of jam, dried flowers, tobacco and chocolate which add to the elegant and velvety taste. Pair with dishes of game, braised meat, stews and cheeses. Also excellent as meditation wine at the end of the meal. R43-4

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