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friends 07 red, 4/27/09, 5:56 PM,  8C, 3552x1196 (1145+3082), 100%, bent 6 stops,  1/30 s, R60.2, G26.0, B44.7

Pedroncelli 2017 Friends Red


Sonoma County California
As the name suggests, a friendly, kind of puppy dog, of a red blend that really wants to come out and play – especially at cookouts and picnics! Blending Merlot, Syrah and Zinfandel, it’s loaded with rich black berry and red raspberry fruit with big mocha and wild herb accents. It’s big in size, rich in texture, and gushes with chocolate-covered cherry fruit over the nicely grippy finish.
Must be ordered.
Buy this one by the 12pk for $11.50 bottle


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