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Casale Del Giglio 2022 Satrico Bianco


Lazio Italy
Enjoyabilityfactor 91 Rating
Golden straw yellow that smells of summer flowers, golden apple, hazelnut, aromatic herbs and vanilla. Soft on the palate, it is supported by a fragrant acidity that invites the sip. A blend of 40% Chardonnay, 40% Sauvignon and 20% Trebbiano Giallo grapes.
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This white wine takes its name from the ancient pre-Roman city of Satricum. Traces of the earliest huts, which formed a village around a central place of worship on high ground near the river Astura, date from the IX century B.C. This hillside settlement, later to become the acropolis of the city, was the site of a temple dedicated to the goddess Mater Matuta. Remains of her temple can still be seen today close to Casale del Giglio’s vineyards in the hamlet of Le Ferriere, near the town of Latina.


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