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 2014 Arneis Langhe Blange

Ceretto 2019 Blange Langhe Arneis


Piedmont Italy
Enjoyabilityfactor 92 Rating
The Blangé is the famous Arneis by Ceretto. It is a rich and fragrant white wine that has become a cult icon of the Langhe. It exudes intense aromas of white flowers, peach and tropical fruit. The taste is rich and fruity, with hints of apple, pear, peach, vanilla and lots of tropical fruit.
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Product Description

Blangé is a clear example of the expression of the native grape variety Arneis. Born in 1985 from the intuition of the Ceretto family, was the first big bets of Bruno and Marcello Ceretto that during the great time of the Piedmont’s red wines, launched on the market a white wine from Arneis grapes, even when this wine did not exist. This was innovative and unthinkable at the time, which instead turned out to be a stroke of genius and successful.

Perfect mix of many terms, blanc, blasé, agée, the name Blangè derives from boulanger, the baker of the French, who had settled near Cherasco since ancient times. The label was created by the designer from Milan Silvio Coppola, to evoke the soul of the intense Blangè.

The wort is cold macerated for 40%, before fermentation, the skins remain in contact with the juice for about twelve hours, at a temperature of 5 °C, in order to extract more primary aromas of the grape. Slightly moved to emphasize fragrance and flavor, with good softness, it has a fruity rich bouquet with hints of pear and apple, the Blangé is a wine that is hard to say no, a wine able to satisfy all palates. The Arneis that launched this wine in Italy and in the world.