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Golden Winery 2019 Chardonnay


Monterey California
Caramelized Bosc Pear and Gala Apples with sprinkles of cinnamon and crushed, toasted hazelnut. Innuendos of banana pudding with vanilla cream, with lively hibiscus and citrus blossom essence. Wonderful balance and structure throughout. Tropical notes of passion fruit, combined with preserved Meyer lemon gives the mid-palate a bright, yet ample weight and character. An abundance of minerality in the form of stone fruits compliment the subtle vanilla oak and creaminess. The finish is enduring and thoughtful. Will pair with a variety of dishes, from a pan-seared Tilefish to a Jerk-style pork tenderloin. Or, as should always be the case, perfectly enjoyable on its own…stay Golden.
Must be ordered.
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