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Tsiakkas 2019 Koymanaapia Commandaria 500ml


Cyprus Greece
The wine is made from two local grapes, the blue grape mavro blue and the white xynisteri. The grapes are grown on the southern slopes of the Troodos Mountains, about 30 kilometers north of Limassol, in poor volcanic soil. 14 villages are entitled to make Commandaria. The wine growers in Cyprus are lucky; there is no phylloxera on the island so no grafting on American rootstock is necessary.
The grapes are picked very ripe, even overripe, and thus very rich in sugar. They are then dried in the sun for one or two weeks to further increase the sugar content. Then, the grapes are pressed and the must undergoes a slow and long fermentation, often during 2-3 months. Sometimes the winemaker fortifies it with grape spirit, but it is not mandatory. The wine is aged in oak barrels for at least two years. The alcohol content of the finished wine is usually around 15%. According to the regulations, however, the alcohol may reach 20%. Commandaria wines have the sweetness, the richness and the caramel aromas in common. Some of them are almost overwhelming. To be enjoyed as an after dinner drink or with a chocolate dessert. Or whenever you feel the need for an energy boost.
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